Serialized Nameplates & Labels

Serialized LabelsIf there is one area of nameplate performance that is often overlooked by buyers needing identification that will last on their product, it is the serial number. Often, the serial number is the most important image on the plate. If the serial number is unreadable, customers are unable to provide that valuable information to the company they are relying upon for warranty or product information.

In many cases, the serial number is the one traceable identification of that specific product. Companies rely on that number when collecting vital data in the field, remotely, or on-site.

Unlike many other nameplate and label companies, we embed the serial number into the anodized aluminum the same way we do the rest of the image. Therefore, the number is durable for years to come without worry. The number will resist abrasion, weather, most chemicals, and any other abuse someone or something throws at it.

Many of our customers don’t know the serial number until the last minute. Sometimes the only option is to stamp in the number “after the fact.” We believe this should be our customer’s choice.

With our digital printing of non-metal labels, we can serialize at no extra cost. This is a huge advantage over traditional screen printing.

Nameplates and labels used for product identification can look awesome when ready to ship to a customer regardless of how the serial number is put on them. The question is how will the serial number look 5 or 10 years from now? Or if exposed to weather? Will the serial number corrode or get distorted if in a harsh environment?

We take product identification seriously and want our serialization on our labels to last as long, and hopefully longer, than the product it is placed on.

Susan Willens