How Many Labels Should I Buy?

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Will I get a better price if I buy a higher quantity?

We are asked this a lot for obvious reasons. The answer depends on the following:

  • Type of material: If ordering aluminum nameplates, your best bet is to maximize a sheet of material. So the more plates we can fit on a 10″ x 12″ or 12″ x 20″ sheet, the lower your price. For non-metal materials like vinyl and polyester, our printable area is about 12″ wide (length doesn’t matter).
  • Method of attachment: This is probably the most important consideration when deciding on quantity to order. We recommend 6 months to 1 year’s worth estimated usage if the labels have adhesive. You don’t want adhesive-backed labels sitting on a shelf longer than a year. You want to know that the labels will stick to your surface and stay there once applied. If riveting on anodized aluminum nameplates, order as many as you like. They will last forever on a shelf!
  • Size of label: With our production processes, the larger the label, the less need to order more to get a good price. If we are maximizing the yield on the material, order only what you need. If your labels are tiny, it may be wise to order 50 instead of 10, for example.
  • Overall cost of order: Just because you might get a better bang for your buck ordering a higher quantity doesn’t mean you should. Take a look at your estimated usage and the total cost of the order. The total expenditure will be less if you order only what you need than if you order more. So if you’ll end up throwing extra labels away, why pay for them in the first place.

We are happy to provide guidance at the time of your quote request. We only “sell” you what you need. We will never entice you to increase a quantity unless it makes economic sense for you to do so.

Durable nameplates and labels should not be viewed in the same light as purchasing paper business cards or throw-away address labels. In those cases, printers would rather run thousands than hundreds once their machines are set-up.

The best value is a nameplate or label that meets the durability needs of your environment. After all, if the labels don’t last, then you know you’ve wasted your money!

Need advice? Use our helpful “Label Wizard” on our website or contact us for personalized attention you can count on to make the right decision.

If we can be of assistance, please let us know!

Susan Willens