Welcome to the Photo-Graphics Co. Blog!

pgc logo pngWe are thrilled to be able to communicate, update and inform our valuable customers through the Photo-Graphics Co., Inc. blog!

I’m Susan Willens, owner of the company for over 25 years. The label industry has changed a lot over the years with technological advances that have allowed us to remain specialized in durable, short runs. When I took over the company over a quarter a century ago there wasn’t a computer in sight.  To enlarge a font required a large camera, film and a wax roller!  (I cringe at the thought!)

I will share information on label processes and offer tips on purchasing the right label for your application.

I will introduce you to key players on our team. Our valuable associates that have made Photo-Graphics Co. what it is today.

I’m a freelance writer in my spare time so don’t be surprised to see other commentary about business, leadership, and what it takes to succeed in a small business today.

Thank you for stopping by!